Sound Healing Meditations


Sound Healing Meditations are a soothing, sonic experience of relief, relaxation and centering. With the use of sound healing instruments such as crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, pure tones and vocal soundscapes, these meditations are a profound and resonant way to tune into that calm, powerful self within the self.

Sound Healings are available for:

Yoga Studios

Conferences and Retreats

Corporate Events

In-home Events

One-On-One Sessions

- Send an email to inquire - 

Singing for Singers: Vocal Coaching


Ready to unlock an even deeper level of potential in your vocal ability? Singing for Singers is designed to pinpoint areas that need work, develop specific practices to excel in those areas, and create a greater sense of overall confidence in your vocal ability and unique sound. It's YOUR voice, let it shine!

Vocal Coaching can be a fantastic support in:

Vocal Range

Tone and Clarity

Breathwork and Control

Pitch and Accuracy

Confidence and Expanding Comfort Zones

- Interested? Send an email to find out more -

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