Personal Coaching

The LifeMath Coaching Program focus on:


Shared Insight


and Integration

I assist my clients in taking a direct look at their life experience, providing insight and an outside perspective on potential challenges, co-designing practical practices for maximum growth, ease, joy and benefit, and holding my clients accountable to their personalized levels of consistency in order to make sure these changes are sustainably integrated. This program is designed for clients ready to take the leap to the next level of joy, self-awareness, creative flow and actualized abundance.

There are a number of packages available for personalized coaching. This level and intensity of coaching is not for everyone, and there is a limited number of clients accepted per year. If you are ready to up-level your life and dive in, in a focused way, taking full accountability and being committed to doing the work, send a message.

All LifeMath Coaching Programs are held online via private conference or over the phone.



Workshops are held both online and in-person. All available workshops are listed/pictured below. If you would like to host a workshop at your space or place of business,

send a message for availability and rates. Workshops cover a variety of themes and can be specifically designed to suit the needs of your personal or business group.



Meditations are scheduled throughout the year, and are also available for private bookings. They are facilitated by Alexandra Love and the ladies of Beautiful Chorus.

These vocal & sound healing sessions will leave you feeling grounded, at ease and energized in a balanced way. They can be customized to accompany classes in yoga and beyond. Current meditations are listed below and you can send a message for more information or visit the Beautiful Chorus music site to hear the variety of sound healing styles available.

Mondays in April, a 4-Part Series @ The Pranic Healing Center

619 N Thornton Ave, Orlando FL • 8-9pm • $10 • Tickets here

Part 1: Grounding

Mon. April 3rd

- more info -

Part 2: Inspiring

Mon. April 10th

- more info -

Part 3: Present Moment

Mon. April 17th

- more info -

Part 4: Loving

Mon. April 24th

- more info -


Conferences + Retreats

more coming soon



Who I Am + 5 Things That Tend To Hold Us Back



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