"Honest and straightforward, compassionate and fearless life coaching. My experience was transformative in just one hour."

- Client, Florida USA

"Alexandra is the best Enlightenment Coach you may have never heard of. Her practice of referral and invitation only means that she works only with those who resonate with the vision of self-discovery and deeply transformational enlightenment practices. It also means I had her FULL attention. Where others focus on flair, Alexandra Love knows that genuine, substantial self-awareness is of the highest importance."

- Client, Florida USA

"Spending time with Alexandra is both calming and inspiring. She's masterful at meeting you in your current vibration – mine was one of high anxiety/PTSD – and walking you into a state of ease & relaxation. Then, she focused with me to develop an easy, effective, daily tool that's helped me replace old, negative beliefs about my self, with new, better, and more accurate beliefs. Never underestimate the power of small shifts of perspective, belief, and consciousness; just like Alexandra, they are life-changing. Her focused presence tunes anyone and everyone around her to a deeper understanding of themselves. Powerful, Loving, Compassionate. I wish I could bottle her energy and share it with everyone in the world."

- Client, Tennessee, USA

"Get ready to get real! Alexandra is kind, but honest. Polite, but no bullshit. In other words she takes the kid gloves off in a loving way. She is straight forward so if you are looking for someone to guide you in diving deeper in to the emotional muck with from the jump... She's definitely a great life preserver to have by your side!"

- Client, Wisconsin, USA

"This program really works!  It's priceless! Thanks to her Program, I am pushing though layers of beliefs I have held onto since childhood.  I can't say our sessions are easy, but she knows how to give me the right amount of push - sprinkled with unconditional love - to get me to a higher level of self awareness. Through our exercises, I see continuous growth. I am able to identify and maintain my desired emotions and the best part is I don't have to do it alone anymore!

Thank you, thank you, thank you."

-Client, Florida USA

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