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Personal Life Coach

3D is the physical realm. It's dense and carries with it the heaviest emotions. Regret, jealousy, shame, revenge, hopelessness, hatred. Everything feels slow, weighed down, and tedious.

4D is the mental realm. It's the place of the intellect, rationale, analyzation, reflection, and mental acuity. Being the middle dimension, it serves as a bridge from 3D to 5D so can carry with it all the trappings of heavy, 3D experiences like depression as well as the light experiences of hope, idealism and feeling good about ourselves. 4D is the bridge.

5D is the realm of spirit, soul, whatever you want to call it. It's tricky only because it's nearly impossible to describe as it doesn't follow any of the rules of the previous two dimensions. It is a place of positive absolutes and etheric knowing. It's where we have total confidence, total wisdom, total love.

Most of us exist in the 3rd Dimension only. Some of us touch and can move into the 4th on occasion. Only the most practiced and in tune ever experience the consistency of the 5th. Sometimes tragedies shift people upwards because tragedies exist in the 3rd and people ascend in consciousness when the 3rd feels unreliable. Like now. There is an awakening happening now.

As an Enlightenment Coach, I support my clients in creating that reliable bridge from 3D to 4D to 5D. And I'll tell you this, things like watching TV for hours on end, complaining as a daily practice, and choosing to believe the terrible thoughts you have about yourself are blocking you from experiencing anything but the heaviness of the 3D realm. Let's lighten up, together.

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