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Alexandra Love is a spiritual coach, meditative guide, sound healing musician, writer and artist.

She has traveled the world, supporting people along their journeys for many years, performing in some of the world’s largest and most renowned venues, theaters and cathedrals. Her genuinely loving and direct approach supports the listener in taking an honest look within. As a meditative guide, her voice is a welcome tone of calm, peace, confidence and love. 


She is the director and lead of Beautiful Chorus, and has performed as the lead vocalist of Solillaquists of Sound and Chakra Khan

She has released a meditative album called Fucking Relax, available hereShe has coloring books available on Amazon as well.

She's also a Teacher on Insight Timer.


Alexandra Love’s path has developed naturally and reached into many different healing modalities. Having attended Columbia College Chicago for Film and Television Directing and Editing, she has created many videos for the groups listed above as well as for her own projects. She is also a comedian and actor and can be seen on stage at the SAK Comedy Lab.

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